When everything becomes a meditation

When everything becomes a meditation

Chopping vegetables for two hours a day has become a beautiful meditation. As I focus intently and silently on being fully present I see and feel the ocean of peace all around me. As I was chopping the humble potato I began seeing the life-force energy within it, fine streams of energy was pouring from it. I knew its whole existence was there simply to nourish us, don’t get me started on the coriander! The gratitude I felt for these humble vegetables and herbs was immense.

I can share this with you as I’m too far away for you to put a straight jacket on me, this waking up business can sometimes feel like you’re going mad! But actually, it’s about stepping into the real reality we have simply been blind to. Given the beauty of it, I’d prefer to go mad and experience this any day as opposed to the alternative of suffering.

To the others present I kept silent and felt such compassion for them, because as they spent all their energy discussing meaningless conversations, they missed the beauty laying on the table before them.

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