The ashram is another school yard

The ashram is another school yard

The ashram is really another school yard, I liked to think I came with no expectations, yet I didn’t expect this, so clearly there was some expectation of what living in an Ashram would be like.

The gossip, sarcasm, and clicky groups are in full swing. The lighter the light, the darker the shadows. It’s a battlefield for the ego.

Many people, I had assumed (certainly not all) have come to the ashram to let go of ego. I realise now that not many at all appear to have this goal, many were here out of curiosity and not necessarily for the purpose of awakening more to within.

Regardless, for many people they have come for some sort of healing wether it be consciously or unconsciously, therefore, these parts of us that have been suppressed must come to the surface in order to be transformed. As a result, anger, judgment, abruptness, upset and gossip is the result. I duck for cover, silence truly is golden.

For those who have transcended the fight of ego or at least working seriously hard towards it, they are rarely seen and never heard unless it is in devotional singing and chanting or serving others. I realised that as with all things of the physical world, things are never as they appear to be.

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