My journal

My Journal

This journal is simply an expression of what has arisen within me throughout my journey of awakening both in Australia and during my year in India.

There are many things I have read and heard about in India the is totally in alignment with all I have been intuitively teaching. In many ways this has been reinforcing what has come to my through meditation and in all those times I have surrendered and let my heart guide me.

When we step out of ego and become in tune into our higher wisdom, this wisdom appears to be the same truth that the sages and enlightened beings will speak of. This wisdom comes though the divine feminine energy, which in India is known as Shakti.

This Shakti energy can also be called the Real You as I call it in my programs. It is the same energy within each of us and can also be called unconditional love. This is why when we tune into a genuinely enlightened being we can feel their presence even at a physical distance, their energy and our higher energy or love is one and the same.

India appears to be a melting pot with some truly enlightened souls along with a lot of people who would be if they could be, so they continue to fake it till they make it. This by all means doesn’t mean they don’t have good intentions and truly believe they have fully awakened to who they really are.

The aim of the awakened ones and those who are in the process of awakening is generally to help awaken others to their own divine Shakti energy or their own love within. The result; bliss, unending happiness, love, compassion and calm, regardless of the chaos going on around us. Now that’s worth working towards and this is what my journey aims to explore deeper.

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