Is it true love or attachment?

Is it true love or attachment?

How do we know if it’s really true love? True love, or unconditional love sees all things equally i.e. as much love for one person as another because unconditional love is the same within each as it’s the fabric of who we are.

Ego is a concept, it’s the act of our attachment to the beliefs we have chosen to take on. We can believe many things about others and ourselves. We want to believe great things about our relationships including how much real love this relationship has.  Yet real unconditional love has no beliefs. Only beliefs can lead to fear. When emotions arise it’s always because there is an attachment to a belief, this is different to real love. Only fear holds on, love lets go. 

When we are upset about a relationship challenge, it’s the attachment to that person we are really struggling with. If we were to abide in true unconditional love, we would never look at another whilst we are in this relationship and if one gets upset that their partner is seeing another, if it were truly unconditional love they would only want for that persons true happiness and let them go with love. Yes, it’s hard, but true.

If it were true unconditional love it means that it would not matter all what the other person did or didn’t do, you would still love them unconditionally. We may believe it’s true love, but the moment the other person deceives us, treats us bad or is dishonest, where does the love go? We don’t feel it so much now. It if were true love, the events and actions of others would make zero difference to the love we have for another.

Therefore, this makes true love between people almost impossible. Rather, it’s attachment we experience. I will stay attached to you and care for you as long as you….. It’s an agreement really, before we enter into a relationship we quickly sum up what each can offer the other in terms of feeling loved and secure.

Parents believe they own their children, this is also attachment. The love between two people is never truly unconditional where there is any trace of ego left. There is only one true unconditional loving relationship we can have and that is with our true self, it is the core essence of who we are. All other relationships come and go, none are permanent. Yet the more we let go of ego, ie our attachment to our beliefs, the more we are likely to begin experiencing and knowing true unconditional love.

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