The Agony & Ecstacy of Awakening Seminar

In this powerful 1-Day Seminar with Susanne,

you will learn…

  • what are we awakening from and to?
  • the different levels of spiritual awakening 
  • the effects it has on the physical body and the mind
  • what it means to allow soul to lead
  • how to navigate your way though it
  • how to stabilise in a new way of seeing life
  • the importance of being present and how to do it
  • the illusions and power of ritual and belief
  • the unconscious power of conditioning 

After running the Moving Beyond Stress workshops Australia wide for some years now, Susanne is excited and ready to take everyone to the next level of awakening. She is a spiritual teacher with 30 years of experience including living in Indian ashrams and self-guided silent retreats. Spending the year of 2018 in India has allowed Susanne to discover more about the beliefs and rituals of another world and the importance to step beyond all belief and simply be the witness to all of it and remain present. 

If you…

  • have been meditating and wondering where it will take you
  • are awakening to your true self by wanting to follow your heart
  • have an inner calling you don’t know how to respond to
  • want to get to the truth of who you are
  • want to overcome stress, anxiety, depression or feeling bad
  • have had enough of main stream beliefs and want to know your own truth 

    …then you will love what Susanne has to share!  

Susanne will share with you the tools and techniques she used to transform and awaken more into the world beyond what we have been conditioned to believe in.

Seats are limited and bookings essential.

Saturday 16th March 9am – 5pm

Gold Coast venue yet to be confirmed. 

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