Don’t make friends in an ashram

Don’t make friends in an Ashram

Mooji once said, when you go to an ashram don’t make friends. I felt the truth in his words, therefore I have stood back from others whilst in the Ashram, deliberately not getting close with anyone and rarely joining in on any conversation.

It’s too easy to let ego take over, to allow the stories of the past be told and fears and beliefs strengthened. Yet we come to an ashram to detach from ego, not strengthen it with our opinions and views on different cultures, beliefs and the attitudes of others and how right or wrong we perceive them to be.

Awareness grows rapidly when one sits in the silence and simply observes. The badges with ‘In Silence’ are truly gold, everyone leaves me alone. Leaving me to witness both within myself, the play of ego and the beauty and silence that is missed whilst engaged in energy wasting conversations.

The spiritual journey is a very personal and private journey, it’s about going within to where the truth resides within you. There are some things on this journey one simply can not share. Sometimes we simply need to feel that aloneness and make peace with it.

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