How do you know if you’re fearless or just plain mad?

Twenty years ago I promised myself I would never come to India without a male and would never in a million years get on one of their public buses. Yet today I find myself squashed into an overcrowded filthy run down public Indian bus watching the man in front of me pick out his ear wax and neatly spreading it over the back of… Read More

When everything becomes a meditation

When everything becomes a meditation Chopping vegetables for two hours a day has become a beautiful meditation. As I focus intently and silently on being fully present I see and feel the ocean of peace all around me. As I was chopping the humble potato I began seeing the life-force energy within it, fine streams of energy was pouring from it. I knew its… Read More

Is it true love or attachment?

Is it true love or attachment? How do we know if it’s really true love? True love, or unconditional love sees all things equally i.e. as much love for one person as another because unconditional love is the same within each as it’s the fabric of who we are. Ego is a concept, it’s the act of our attachment to the beliefs we have… Read More

Don’t make friends in an ashram

Don’t make friends in an Ashram Mooji once said, when you go to an ashram don’t make friends. I felt the truth in his words, therefore I have stood back from others whilst in the Ashram, deliberately not getting close with anyone and rarely joining in on any conversation. It’s too easy to let ego take over, to allow the stories of the past… Read More

Gossip in the ashram

Don’t buy into the ashram gossip It appears that even in an ashram the gossiping continues. When others around are involved in gossiping or attached to all the awful world events that are happening and speak about all their woes and complaints and judgment of others, it’s a good time to put on some headphones and let inspiring music be all that you focus… Read More

The ashram is another school yard

The ashram is another school yard The ashram is really another school yard, I liked to think I came with no expectations, yet I didn’t expect this, so clearly there was some expectation of what living in an Ashram would be like. The gossip, sarcasm, and clicky groups are in full swing. The lighter the light, the darker the shadows. It’s a battlefield for… Read More

Finding peace amongst the chaos

Finding peace amongst the chaos  After letting go and detaching from all my worldly possessions and the struggles of this physical body, all I can say is the more we awaken to who we really are, the better it gets, regardless of what the physical world is reflecting to us. I’ve never felt such intense calmness and peace even whilst in a rickshaw in… Read More

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi – Amma

Amma – The hugging saint In April, 2017 on her Australian tour I met an extraordinary Indian woman, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi – affectionately known as “Amma” (Mother) – the hugging Saint. The moment she came into the room, I knew she would change my world. My heart busted open, the heat in my chest was intense, I hadn’t experienced that before, yet I hadn’t… Read More

My journal

My Journal This journal is simply an expression of what has arisen within me throughout my journey of awakening both in Australia and during my year in India. There are many things I have read and heard about in India the is totally in alignment with all I have been intuitively teaching. In many ways this has been reinforcing what has come to my… Read More