About Susanne

About Susanne Grace

Susanne’s qualifications include  Bachelor of Business, Registered Nurse, Author, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Trainer, Business Coach, Behavioural Coach, Life Coach, Meditation and Spiritual Teacher.

After 30 years in the health industry and years of struggling with her own health, Susanne became passionate about helping others let go of their own pain by teaching them the information she wished she had.

Traditional ways of emotional healing left Susanne feeling like they simply talk about it rather than actually help to heal the emotions that create stress and can hold us back from achieving the success we are wanting.

Along with an extensive knowledge of how both traditional medicine and natural therapies can restore health, Susanne also learnt just how significantly our emotions and the way we think have a major impact on not only our health, but also the way we live our life.

After training in and exploring many modalities such as counseling, coaching, NLP, The Journey, Voice Dialogue, EFT and energy healing, Susanne has developed her own method she calls The Grace Method which is now all she needs to use to help others transform limiting beliefs and painful emotions into feeling amazing

To assist her in delivering this powerful new modality, Susanne has been training Grace Method Practitioners around Australia by offering a Diploma of Energy Psychology

Susanne created the Moving Beyond Stress model, a powerful yet very logical model that brings simplicity to complex theories and can bring great relief to those who suffer from worry, stress, anxiety and depression.

Susanne has created a growing number of online courses. After many years of travelling around Australia and delivering the Moving Beyond Stress workshops to thousands of people, Susanne wanted to reach many more people after witnessing so many life-changing transformations from those who came to her workshops. 

You can explore more of Susanne’s journey and body of work through her videos and journal.

Moving Beyond Stress workshop

From Susanne

After slipping into a drug-induced sleep many years ago, I found myself at a crossroad. There was, literally, the vision of a crossroad in front of me and I knew I had a decision to make.

I could see my body below me in the hospital bed. Morphine had dulled the pain enough to sleep. In six hours I was due for more surgery, this time to release the infected internal abscess that had developed since surgery the week before.

My body was very tired. Ross River fever, almost a year of chronic fatigue, a host of infections, inflammation, and pain, and now a hysterectomy went bad was just about as much as my body could take. Yet, despite the morphine, as I hovered above my body, I had never felt more energised and alive in all my life. It was so liberating, so freeing.

I knew at that moment that I was so much more than that body I had been living in. I also knew that the choice to heal or not was in my hands. My choice was made and, before I knew it, the dark, heavy, painful feelings were back. Housed in my body again, I felt a dampness in the bed. Something had happened. As the nurses pulled back my sheets, they were horrified at the bright green goo that lay beneath me.

I couldn’t stop smiling; my body was hard at work. The healing had begun already – surgery was cancelled. I didn’t know how I was going to heal, but I knew without a doubt that I would. It was a slow process, a long haul. My nursing training had not given me the skills to deal with this chronic fatigued condition with an unknown cause.

Several years of digging and experimenting revealed that I was toxic with mercury and other heavy metals. I had become sensitive to chemicals, and gluten-intolerant. Ten amalgam fillings were removed, and almost every detoxification process known to mankind was tried.

Despite the incredible improvement in my health generally and the shedding of 30 kilograms, one of the 12 blood tumors that were growing on various organs became larger and larger. Doctors confirmed that this was a result of prescription hormonal drugs. A cluster of arteries was affected and ended up growing to the size of a large grapefruit that sat right behind my sternum, in the middle of my liver.

If you ever want to know how it feels to have your liver not working, just go back to a time when you had the biggest hangover of your life. That’s what it feels like, every day; day after day, year after year. As I gave in and eventually accepted the surgery to have it removed, I felt I had failed. I felt that the years of diligently practicing every natural therapy I could think of had let me down.

As a result, the next year or two found me reverting to some bad old ways, and slowly the weight piled back on. I had lost faith that nature could heal. I stopped the meditation that had helped me so much, and I allowed myself to fall into what I call the land of the walking dead.

I was no longer living my purpose, I no longer felt in tune with who I was. I pushed aside the truth that I was not just this body. I fell into a relationship that did not honor all parts of me, as I was no longer honoring myself.

When my marriage broke down, so did I. Or at least it may have appeared that way to others. I knew I had been given a second chance to get my life back and find the deep happiness I had come to know in the past before I knew liver surgery was required.

With my training in emotional intelligence, here was an opportunity to experience emotional healing. Over a period of two months, there was not a day when I didn’t cry. For the first time in my life, I held nothing back. I accepted every single emotion to its fullest, let it be and let it move where it wanted to move.

After years of learning techniques to help get rid of emotions or to not feel them, I finally learned that all I had to do was accept them, welcome them and love them. Over time a process I now call ‘The Grace Method’ revealed itself. Healing me on all levels, showing me the effect of suppressed emotions I had no idea I was holding and how they affected my physical body.

The pain, fatigue, and heaviness of my body was finally lifting. As the shadows of my past pains lifted, once again I could find my own light. I turned it on. Walking the cliffs of Cornwall helped me to ‘find me’. I came home to me. As I let go of all plans, all dreams and all desires, I allowed myself to just be.

I opened myself up to a new world of opportunity as I remembered the abundance around me and within me. I remembered that my body was a temple, it was where I lived in this lifetime. It was worthy of honoring – regardless of its size.

I realised that surgery was not a sign of failure, but one of completeness. It was what was needed at the time to help me heal. I learned that there is not one method of healing that is always right or wrong – each has its place and each has value.

I came to understand that regardless of the hours, days or years of meditation one may do unless you learn to embrace every single part of you and stop ignoring or pushing down how you really feel, then your emotions will continue to hijack you, keep you feeling unhappy and ultimately unwell.

I learned that only when we acknowledge and embrace our shadows can our light shine enough to allow our natural state of being to arise and for our body to come back to life. I began to slowly awaken to all those parts of me and realised to the extent our beliefs are based on fear and how they rule our life.

As I came to accept all the parts of me and all choices I had made, I knew without a doubt what I was here to do. I now understand that until we allow this process to unfold, trying to find our ‘purpose’ is mostly a frustrating process.

When life begins to reveal the truth of who we are, we realise that at the core of all our fears is the fear of not being loved and therefore our fear of survival. This deepest fear is a lie as it’s only the ego and body that can die. Yet we live our life by this lie, to some extent we all do until we awaken to ‘reality’.

Slowly but surely my journey of awakening has revealed a knowing that we are not our body, we are not our mind, we are so much more that words can not describe. The infinite joy, bliss, and love within each of us literally blows our mind as it unveils itself as awareness, consciousness, love and life itself. There is no ‘me’ and ‘my life’, I am that life. We all are.

The awakening continues. Surrendering deepens, stillness, silence, joy and love is here, the ocean of peace moves with me, as I am that ocean. I wish you love and joy on your journey and may you awaken to your own truth.